Digital Piano selection

6Choosing the correct digital piano is an exercise in itself. The first thing that you need to decide is what type of digital piano you should buy. You have to consider all the people in your home who would like to take a turn in playing the digital piano you have bought. The digital piano you choose should be easy enough to be played by all interested family members.

The next thing you have to decide on is what features you are looking for in your digital piano. Each member of your family may have different requirements and you have to cater to all of them if possible. The entry level digital pianos have less number of instrumental voices than the higher models. The higher models of digital pianos have features which can produce the sound of the accompanying instruments also.

The size and the shape of the digital piano is also an important factor to be considered when choosing the right one for your home. You have to decide where to place it in your home and the dimensions of the room has to be considered in this case. You may select a digital piano, which can be placed on a foldable stand when it is played so that you can put it away when it is not in use. You may choose a cabinet type of digital piano, which has a retractable keyboard and pedals and has covers. If there is no shortage of space you can go for a digital piano, which has the shapes of a grand piano but is smaller in size.

The next consideration is the price. It is quite evident that more features mean a higher price. Starting from as low as $500 only up to a price of more than $5000 you have a wide range of digital pianos to choose from with different features, sizes, shapes, colors and other typical characteristics.

It sounds better when you are able to play your piano with musical instruments played by others to accompany you. But if you get this accompaniment with your digital piano, why shouldn’t you avail of it? The availability of these accompanying instruments whenever you need them, makes the playing a digital piano all the more fun.8

Selecting the best digital piano with the correct tone is a difficult job for novices. You have to be an expert to understand whether the tone is correct or not as each manufacturer has a typical set of tones stored in the memory of the digital pianos manufactured by them. The same note from two digital pianos from two different manufacturers, may not be exactly identical to each other.

The feel of the keyboard of the digital piano is another factor that has to be considered when selecting the correct digital piano. You may be used to playing an acoustic piano by exerting a typical amount of pressure on the keys to get the required note. The keyboard of the digital piano should have the same feel or else you will be uncomfortable while playing it.

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